What is my IP
What is my IP
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Cables, your computer will always be connected.

To connect our computers to the network, link them to each other or link them to other peripherals, it is essential to have the right cable for each type of connection.

The difference between using a correct cable or resorting to any of the many that we store in the "cable drawer", can range from a lower performance of the Internet connection to failures in screen resolutions, sound deficiencies, failures in data storage ... or even the loss of information or inoperability of the equipment.

Find here the cable you need, with all its specifications and precise details to make your choice the right one.

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Why in computing is every cable different?

The cables used to transmit telecommunication signals are technically designed cables for that purpose, with specific standards and parameters that vary according to their mission and the type of medium or connection for which they have been manufactured.