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DisplayPort cables – High-performance secure connection

Don't think twice. All existing DisplayPort cable models are here!

This type of cable is one of the most versatile and high-performance solutions available for transmitting video and audio.

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In our store, you will find the DisplayPort 1.4 cable you are looking for, as well as multiple DisplayPort to USB, DisplayPort to HDMI, HDMI to DisplayPort, and DisplayPort to DVI-HDMI/VGA adapters.

Here you will also find different Mini DisplayPort cables, also called MiniDP or mDP, for your tablet or laptop. In addition, we offer converters to pass the signal from a USB-C port to a Mini DisplayPort port or connect a display with SVGA input (HDB15) to a device equipped with DisplayPort output, thus avoiding having to change the monitor for compatibility issues.

What is a DisplayPort cable used for?

A DisplayPort cable is a connector intended for transmitting high-definition digital multimedia signals. This is why DisplayPort cables are used to connect a computer to its display or monitor.

DisplayPort is an alternative to HDMI and older standards such as VGA or DVI.

What types of DisplayPort cables are available?

DisplayPort cables are classified according to their size, standard, mini and micro, and the version of their interface. Each one of these versions (DisplayPort 1 and DisplayPort 2) is capable of supporting a specific resolution and a maximum refresh rate.

Version Frequently used on
Standard or type A Monitors, TVs, consoles, and mid-size devices
Mini or type C Camcorders, laptops, and tablets
Micro or type D Cameras and smartphones