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HDMI cables – All categories and converters to multiple standards

We offer a wide range of HDMI cables. We help you connect comfortably and safely your devices (PCs, decoders, smartphones, tablets, etc.) to a monitor or television and get the best definition and sound quality!

Depending on your needs, you can choose cables with HDMI connectors at both ends or opt for HDMI to VGA, Mini DisplayPort, and DVI adapters.

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What is the HDMI cable used for?

An HDMI cable transmits digital video and audio data between two electronic devices. This transmission does not require prior compression of the data.

How to connect an HDMI cable to an analog TV?

To connect an HDMI cable to an analog TV, we will need a SCART to HDMI converter.

To make the connection, we will connect one end of the SCART cable to the TV and the other to the SCART input of the converter. Then, we will connect the HDMI cable to the output connection located on the converter. The next step will be to introduce the other end of this cable to the device that we have chosen to transmit the images to our old analog TV or vice versa.