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All-in-one computers – With and without OS

All-in-one PCs have both the capacity and intelligent performance of a desktop computer and the elegance of a modern and minimalist design.

Save space and avoid having cables on your desk with these all-in-one PCs designed to adapt to your needs.

In our store, you will find different models of all-in-one PCs with and without OS. Windows and Apple all-in-one PCs.

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What is an all-in-one computer?

An all-in-one PC is a computer that integrates into its screen the CPU and all other components that a PC needs to function.

All-in-one PCs have a single power button and a single cable to connect to the power supply.

Different peripherals, including a keyboard and mouse, can be connected to an all-in-one PC.

Their minimalist design contributes to desktop tidiness, and they are ideal for small workspaces where devices and cables need to be kept to a minimum.

What is an all-in-one computer for?

An all-in-one PC has the same functions as a conventional desktop computer. Therefore, an all-in-one PC can be used for business, gaming, web surfing, video editing, 3D rendering, etc.

The use we can make of an all-in-one desktop computer will depend directly on its configuration.

In our store, you can find a wide variety of models to suit different uses.

Can I buy an all-in-one computer without an OS?

Yes, in our store you can buy an all-in-one computer with or without an OS.

If you need it, you can buy an operating system in the store - the license becomes your property - and ask our installation and configuration team to install it before sending your all-in-one computer to your home, office, or business.