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Laptop accessories. Everything to equip and protect your laptop

You will find all the accessories for your laptop in the Cuál es mi IP store. Check our catalog and find the case, backpack, charger, stands, or cooling base you are looking for.

You can also find handy Apple chargers, power adapters, and gadgets, as well as security cables for laptops.

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What is a cooling pad?

A cooling pad is a device equipped with fans that are placed underneath the notebook to dissipate heat inside the computer and prevent it from overheating.

Cooling pads are especially useful during intensive CPU usage, for example when playing games on your notebook.

For the cooling base to be effective, we must choose one that fits the size of our laptop. We can also choose between flat or reclining bases, which will help us to place the laptop more comfortably, depending on where we are going to use it.

Why do I need a transport accessory for my laptop?

The basic concept of a laptop is its portability from one place to another and to carry it safely, there is nothing better than a suitable bag or backpack to carry it in. This type of accessories is manufactured in different sizes to adapt to the different designs of laptops and as they have been specially designed for this purpose, they have pockets and departments for the wiring and other peripherals of our laptop.

If we are not going to move the laptop around much, perhaps a sleeve will be enough, but if the idea is to move it regularly from one place to another outside the home or office, a briefcase bag or backpack is the best option. They are resistant, comfortable, and practical.