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Laptop spare parts – Buy laptop spare parts and components

Replace quickly any element of your laptop.

We have a wide variety of spare parts to tune up your machine. We have top-brand spare parts to get everything working again.

In our catalog, you will find keyboards, batteries, fans, screens and more for your portable PC.

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Can a laptop screen be replaced?

Yes, a laptop screen can be replaced. You just need to buy a screen with the same technical specifications as the broken one.

How do I replace my laptop screen?

To replace your laptop screen, you will first need to remove the bezel that covers it and, once it is off, you will have access to the LCD screen.

Normally, the screen is attached to the casing with screws or, in some cases, with tape, and connected to the computer with the video cable.

Remove the screws, remove the tape securing the video cable, and carefully unplug it. The laptop screen will be released and you will be able to remove it and start the reverse exercise to install the new LCD screen.

Can a laptop keyboard be replaced?

The keyboard is, along with the battery and the screen, one of the most exposed components of our laptop. It tends to deteriorate over time or get damaged by unwanted accidents, such as the spillage of liquids or the impact of an object.

The good news is that, just as a stand-alone keyboard, a laptop keyboard can be replaced.

In most cases, assembly comes down to a few screws, a few connections, and enough skill to integrate the keyboard into the casing.