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Top-brand laptops at affordable prices

Do you need a laptop? Well, whether you need to buy a business, gaming, lightweight or 2-in-1 laptop, you will find it here.

All of them are of leading brands and will allow you to work and play from anywhere.

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What is a laptop used for?

A laptop is a personal computer that can be easily transported. The capabilities and functions of a notebook computer are practically the same as those of a desktop computer, depending on its configuration.

Their advantage is that they are lighter and can be easily carried from one place to another, since the keyboard and screen are integrated and, once charged, they can operate without being connected to the mains.

Most of today's laptops are equipped with a network interface card, Wi-Fi connection capacity and Ethernet input, so they also allow us to surf the Internet wherever we go.

How to choose the right laptop?

To choose a laptop that fits your needs, take a look at the CPU (central processing unit), the RAM (random access memory), and the storage space, which are the three variants that will determine the performance capabilities and processing speed of your laptop. If you are going to use it for gaming, also take a look at the graphics card. For all configurations, it is also advisable to have an SSD (solid-state disk).

In addition to all this, it is worth checking the features of the screen to ensure that it meets the needs of resolution required by the use that we are going to make of our laptop.

As for the operating system, we should opt for the one that supports the applications or games we plan to use.

What laptop should I buy for office work and web surfing?

The configuration for a laptop for office work is the least demanding in terms of CPU, graphics and RAM, so almost any basic configuration will be enough to get the most out of your laptop.

What laptop should I buy for gaming?

If what we are looking for is a gaming laptop, we should prioritize the graphics card and the CPU. In this case, the RAM is secondary, although not unimportant.

What laptop should I buy for video editing and 3d modeling?

If you need a laptop for video editing, movie editing, or 3D rendering, you should look for one that has a powerful processor, as well as a lot of RAM. The graphics card, in this case, is secondary.

What materials is a laptop made of?

Laptops, like all other computers, are made of different materials. These materials range from the most economical to the most exclusive (plastic, steel, aluminum, etc.)

Laptop bodies are usually made of a combination of metal and plastic, although some are made only of plastic and rubber, and others are made only of aluminum.

The material the casing is made of will ensure us greater or lesser resistance and greater or lesser heat dissipation.

Plastic bodies are less resistant to impacts and concentrate more heat. On the other hand, metal casings, besides being more resistant, are better at dissipating heat, which helps to minimize the risk of overheating in the notebook.