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Mini PCs, small scale computers with great functionalities.

With these Mini PCs, you will have a small-scale computer with the same functionalities as a desktop computer. Configure your Micro PC or choose a preconfigured Mini PC. Android Mini PC, Windows Mini PC, Linux Mini PC, and Apple Mac Mini are available.

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What is a Mini PC?

Mini PCs or Micro PCs are small desktop computers with extensive functionality. They have a processor, RAM, internal storage and do not require external components such as servers or other electronic devices to operate.

A Mini PC is a device designed for both home and professional use.

How does a Mini PC work?

The operation of a Mini PC is the same as that of a desktop computer. The operating system of these Micro PCs manages the process, the RAM, the hardware, and all the tasks necessary to run applications and programs.

What is a Mini PC for?

A Mini PC is a very versatile microcomputer, with multiple and varied functionalities.  The use and service that a Mini PC can offer depend directly on its configuration.

Depending on the power of the processor, its storage capacity, and graphics card, a Mini PC can be used as a desktop computer, as a multimedia and entertainment center, as a gaming computer, or as a backup computer, among other options.

What operating system do Mini PCs have?

A wide range of Mini PCs is available, including Android Mini PCs, Windows Mini PCs, Linux Mini PCs, and MacOS Mini PCs or Mac Mini PCs.

Android Mini PCs have access to the wide portfolio of Apps offered by Android and their ease of use makes them a good choice as devices to enjoy multimedia content and games.

Windows and MacOS Micro PCs have the same functionalities as their desktop and notebook counterparts, while the stability of the Linux Micro PC operating system makes them also very suitable as work and multimedia PCs.