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Other Tablet accessories: Protection, transportation, and gadgets

Need a protector for your Tablet? Interested in turning your Tablet or surface into a desktop PC? Looking for a stand to place your Tablet in the car? All these plus bags, keyboards, chargers, screen cleaners... you'll find it all here.

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What is a Tablet?

A Tablet is a type of portable computer, smaller in size - between 7 and 10.5 inches on average - equipped with touch technology that allows us to interact without a physical keyboard or mouse.

What is a Tablet for?

Although initially Tablets were intended for recreational use, reading, web browsing and viewing photos, the advent of new equipment with more capacity and memory has led the Tablets to the professional field, wherewith specific programs have become a "tool" of work for many people.

How does a Tablet work?

A Tablet does not need to be connected to a power source to work with it, it only needs to be charged. Tablets are touch devices so they do not need a mouse or keyboard, although they can be connected, depending on the model, via micro USB or BlueTooth.

How do I connect a keyboard to the Tablet?

Tablets are touch devices and have their built-in touch keyboard. Even so, we can add a physical keyboard whenever we need it. The connection in most cases is done through Bluetooth.

What is a screen protector for?

This type of accessory protects the screen of our Tablet from breakage as well as scratches and bumps. In addition, depending on their finish: anti-glare, mirror, ultra-clear, etc., they have functions such as optimizing vision or privacy, among others.

Which screen protector is best for my Tablet?

When choosing a screen protector, we must, first of all, make sure that its size is correct for our Tablet. In addition, the screens have different degrees of hardness directly linked to their resistance. Check the table to find out which one suits you best.

1H Talc It can be easily scratched by the fingernail.
2H Gypsum It can be scratched by the fingernail, but with more difficulty
3H Calcite It can be scratched by a copper coin
4H Fluorite It can be scratched by a steel knife or a windowpane
5H Apatite It can be scratched by a steel knife or a windowpane, but with more difficulty
6H Orthoclase It can be scratched by steel sandpaper
7H Quartz Scratches glass
8H Topaz It is scratched by tungsten carbide tools
9H Corundum Scratched by silicon carbide tools
10H Diamond Scratched by another diamond only