What is my IP
What is my IP

Servers – Blade, rack, and tower servers

Are you looking for a tower server for your business? Do you need a web hosting service? Do you need a cloud server? Do you want a database, virtual, or print server? We have a wide variety of models! Find the server you need here!

All our servers are robust and cost-effective. They offer reliability and a wide variety of features for local, remote, and cloud computing.

Here you will find tower, rack, and blade servers.

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What is a server?

A server is a computer that receives requests from other computers or devices (clients), processes them, and creates the command to execute them.

A server can receive requests from one or more computers and offer them the service over the local network or the Internet.

What is the function of a server?

A server is used to enable the computers connected to it to access resources and services shared with other computers connected to the same network.

What is a server used for?

If you wonder what a server is used for, there are many answers, as there are different types.

Most servers are dedicated servers, i.e., they are intended exclusively to deal with requests from other computers and, therefore, are not used as workstations.

This makes them a kind of specialized computer depending on the purpose for which they are used.

Some servers, for example, are used to host applications, while others are used to maintain and share databases. There are mail servers and also web servers that store data, scripts, images, text files, etc., and that transfer all this information to our browser so that we can see the content of the site we want to visit.

Other typical servers are FTP servers, file servers, proxy servers, and list servers. These perform operations related to subscriptions, registrations, cancellations, etc.

In our store, you will find tower, rack, and blade servers for all these purposes.