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Stylus pens – Write and draw accurately

Find the most convenient stylus pen to get the most out of your device's touch screen.

A stylus or digital pen allows you to draw, sign documents, take notes, and much more in a more agile, easy, and precise way than with your finger. Try it!

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What is a stylus pen?

A stylus pen, optical pen, or just stylus, is a device designed specifically for use on touch-screen compatible devices. It is similar in appearance to a conventional pen or pencil.

What is an active stylus?

An active stylus is a digital pen that incorporates electronic components that allow it to operate on the screen.

Its sensitivity to pressure is very high and its tip is very precise. This allows us to draw strokes of different thicknesses, to take notes, to move elements and also to draw.

Most active styli must be charged to operate. However, some use batteries.

Not all models are compatible with all devices.

What is a capacitive stylus?

A passive or capacitive stylus is a digital pen equipped with a rounded rubber tip that works in direct contact with the screen and is dedicated to navigation.

Its functioning is based on the load that our hand exerts on it while we move it on the screen. Since it is a pointer, it does not allow us to move elements.

They do not need batteries or to be recharged.

All models are compatible with conventional touch screens.