What is my IP
What is my IP

Access Points to take your Wi-Fi signal wherever you need to go

In our store, you will find multiple options so that you are not left without coverage in any corner.

With an access point, for example, you can cover all the rooms of your home or office farthest from the router with a Wi-Fi signal and create a local area network that will ensure your Internet connection, wherever you move.

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What is a Wi-Fi access point?

An access point is a device that plugs into a power outlet and connects wirelessly to a router, hub, or switches to provide Internet coverage to its surrounding area and thus also to all Wi-Fi-capable devices in that area.

What is an access point for?

Access points are especially suitable for areas where the Wi-Fi signal has a weak range, a large number of wireless devices are connected (20 or more), and/or some devices need good coverage for their operation.

What is the difference between an access point and a repeater?

An access point acts as a link between the wireless devices in a low Wi-Fi intensity area and the router, so the signal strength they receive will be the same as that emitted by the router itself. A repeater, however, uses half of its power to pick up the Wi-Fi signal and the other half to repeat it, so the signal it emits is never of the same strength as the original.