What is my IP
What is my IP

HomePlug networks - Full coverage throughout the house

With these HomePlug networking devices, you will find it very easy to bring the optical fiber and Wi-Fi signal to any place in the house. Using the electrical network of your home, you will be able to expand the area of action of your router and create additional access points without losing the signal or the quality of the bandwidth you have subscribed to.

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What is a HomePlug network adapter and what is it used for?

It is a device that extends the router's signal through the electrical network and makes it possible to provide full coverage to those parts of the house where the signal is weaker in a conventional way.

How does a HomePlug networking device work?

These devices distribute the Internet signal through the electrical network. One of the devices must always be connected to the router and the rest can be connected to a socket anywhere in the house where we want the connection to reach.

These devices have an Ethernet input to connect directly, for example, to our computer and also a Wi-Fi signal to facilitate the connection of other equipment in the room.

How to install a HomePlug network adapter?

HomePlug networking devices are smart plug & play devices that do not require the installation of any additional software to operate.

HomePlug networks consist of a minimum of two devices. One must always be connected directly to a port of the router and the second and subsequent, to any electrical outlet located in the room where we want our connection to reach.