What is my IP
What is my IP

IP cameras. Online video surveillance and live monitoring

IP cameras, IP Cam, or network cameras use the Internet to create a closed circuit and transmit real-time images and videos of what is happening.

This type of IIP surveillance camera also has internal recording systems that allow you to replay afterward and remotely, everything that has happened within its field of view.

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How does an IP camera work?

IP cameras use their IP address to connect to the Internet and are equipped with specific software to process, encode and send the audio and video over the network. They do not require any additional equipment to operate. The camera itself records, processes, and sends the image over the Internet and offers the user the possibility to see live what is happening through an app or web page.

IP cameras can be kept always active and programmed to start recording when motion is detected, and send when this happens, a warning via SMS or e-mail to the user to warn him of a possible intruder.

What is the difference between an IP camera and a webcam?

An IP camera uses its IP to connect to the Internet. It is autonomous and can access the network on its own. On the other hand, a webcam does not have this IP and needs to be connected to a computer so that this device, after translating the captured images into binary language, transmits them over the Internet.