What is my IP
What is my IP

Patch Panels - secure and efficient network cable management

If you want to buy a patch panel in our store you will find a large selection of this type of patch panel with which you can easily manage your structured network cabling and ensure a clean signal path to all your connected devices.

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What is a patch panel?

A patch panel is a cable management integrator device, which houses the input/output connections of all structured network cabling.

What is a patch panel for?

A patch panel is used for convenient and easy management and organization of network cables. In addition, the design of its connections reduces the bending radius of these cables, thus minimizing failures caused by possible fiber breakage.

How does a patch panel work?

The sole function of a patch panel is to manage the physical connection of the network cables. For the signal to reach all connected devices, it needs to be connected to a router or a switch.

How many types of patch panels are there?

There are many types of patch panels. The main differences between them are the number of ports they include, their layout in one or more rows, and the type and category of network cable they are prepared for.