What is my IP
What is my IP

Print servers – Wireless print servers, USB print servers

Do you want to centralize all print jobs on a single printer? Turn your printer into a network printer with a print server.

With a print server, all computers connected to your network will have simultaneous and remote access to your home or office printer and will be able to use it without even having to keep any other computer switched on.

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What is a print server?

A print server or printer server is a device that allows a single printer to be connected to multiple computers over the local network.

As it is a stand-alone network device, it does not need a reference computer to control the use of the printer.

How to install a print server?

The installation of print servers is not complex. They are easy to configure and have their own software.

If it is a wired model, we will have to connect the printer to the print server via USB, and, subsequently, we will have to connect the print server to the network router via cable.

If it is a wireless print server, we will not need to make any physical connection and it will be unnecessary to wire the print server. We will simply have to access the Wi-Fi network so that the server incorporates into it.

What happens if several computers are connected at the same time to a printer via a print server?

Nothing happens. The print server can manage the queue itself and will print the documents in order.

If a jam occurs or the printer is disconnected for some reason, the print server's memory will save the file and, as soon as everything is available again, it will print it.