What is my IP
What is my IP

Routers, modems and Wi-Fi Routers for ADSL and Fiber

If you need a router for your home, office, or business, here you will find a wide selection of wired routers, Wi-Fi routers, 5G routers, 6G routers, and modems for ADSL and Fiber connections.

All routers in our store are supplied with practical information and technical features to make your choice easier.

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What is a router for?

A router or modem-router is a device that receives the internet signal and based on protocols that determine the best routes to carry the data packets to the recipients, directs through a network the incoming and outgoing information of the equipment connected to it.

What is the difference between a router and a modem?

A modem receives the Internet signal, interprets it, and sends it through the telephone line to a device connected to that line.

The function of the router, however, is simply to expand the signal coming from the modem to all the devices connected to it.

Currently, almost all devices that are installed are modem-routers, usually referred to simply as routers, which are capable of performing the functions of both the modem and the router at the same time.