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Android 15 is committed to security and user experience powered by AI

May 23rd. 2024


Google has announced in Google I/O 2024 conference, new and innovative functionalities powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) for its next operating system, Android 15. As the firm's experts have explained, the improvements, focused on optimizing the user experience also seeks to guarantee data protection at all stages of the device's life cycle: before, during and after a theft.

Thus, one of the highlights of the presentation was the presentation of these new security measures designed to deter device theft and which include:

  • Factory reset update: If a thief attempts to reset a stolen device, they will need the credentials of the associated Google account, making resale impossible.
  • Private space: This new feature will allow you to create a hidden and locked area with a separate PIN, protecting sensitive information even if the device falls into the wrong hands.
  • Improved authentication: Accessing critical features such as 'Find My Device' or modifying important settings in the new Android 15 operating system will require biometric authentication, increasing the difficulty for thieves to tamper with the device.

Additionally, security features such as theft detection and automatic screen locking are coming to devices running Android 10 and later later this year.

Innovations from Android 15 in user experience

Android 15 also brings significant improvements to the user experience:

  • Smoother transitions: With a redesigned interface and smoother transitions, users will enjoy more intuitive navigation.
  • Multitasking improvements: On large-screen devices, you can pin the taskbar to quickly switch between apps, and store app combinations on a split screen for quick access.
  • Screen sharing controls: Android 15 will include new notifications that automatically hide during screen sharing, and the ability to share only the content of a specific app, improving user privacy.

Defense Against Cyber ​​Attacks

Google has also introduced tools to protect users from cyberattacks and espionage:

  • Unencrypted connection notifications: The system will alert users when their network connection is not encrypted, reducing the risk of criminals intercepting communications.
  • Detection of fraudulent cell stations: Android 15 will protect at-risk users, such as journalists and dissidents, by alerting them to possible surveillance tools that record their location.

Google Play Protect

Google Play Protect will also be improved in Android 15 with the integration of AI, capable of identifying malicious applications in real time by analyzing permissions and suspicious behavior.

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