What is my IP
What is my IP

Lcrcom's Speed Test

Although some people believe that the Internet connection speed is constant, this is not the case. During the day, it may suffer small fluctuations depending on the number of computers and users connected, the network limitations, the purchased plan, etc. This can cause that at certain times some pages take longer to load, that the audio of a videoconference has some delay, or that, for example, a movie stops while we are watching it online. By running a speed test, we will know immediately if these malfunctions occur as a result of changes in our connection conditions or if, on the contrary, the problem lies in the malfunctioning of the web to which we are connecting.

How do I run the Lcrcom speed test?

With the Lcrcom speed test, you can quickly check your internet speed. This test uses smart and fast technology to ensure reliable results. In addition, it is compatible with almost all broadband and mobile connections.

How do I interpret the Lcrcom speed test results?

The best way to ensure the effectiveness of the speed test is to connect the computer to the router with an Ethernet cable and close all programs. To be on the safe side, restart the computer. In this way, any running process will be closed and will not interfere with the results.

How fast is Lcrcom fiber-optic Internet?

Once you start the speed test, it will connect your computer or mobile to a test server and upload and download a set of test data. How fast your internet can perform these functions will determine the upload and download speed of your connection. The test will then automatically send another data packet from your computer to the server and vice versa. The amount of time it takes for this information to make this trip will correspond to the latency of your connection. In the first case, concerning the upload and download speed, the higher the results, the faster your Internet will be, which, to be ideal, should be as similar as possible to what is offered in your Internet plan. For latency, on the other hand, the ideal is to obtain low measurements, since this means that our connection takes little time to connect to our recipient and send the data packets within the network.

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