What is my IP
What is my IP

Orange's Speed Test

To enjoy a good Internet experience, we not only need the right computer, mobile or tablet, but also a good connection and browsing speed. Measuring and analyzing the speed of our ADSL, Fiber, 4G, or 5G connection with a speed test is the best way to find out if we have the connection we need to share files, enjoy movie streaming services, play online games, etc. This type of test calculates our upload and download speed, evaluates the transfer speed at a given time, and reports the results so that we can decide if the connection we have is the connection we want.

How do I run the Orange speed test?

With the Orange speed test, you can quickly check your internet speed. This test uses smart and fast technology to ensure reliable results. In addition, it is compatible with almost all broadband and mobile connections.

How do I interpret the Orange speed test results?

Before running the Internet speed test, we must make sure that no programs are open on our computer. Likewise, we must make sure that there are no running processes that could distort the results. It would not be a bad idea to restart the computer just before running the test.

How fast is Orange fiber-optic Internet?

This Internet speed meter informs you of your upload speed, download speed, and any latency you might be experiencing. To start the test, just click on "Start Test." The entire measurement process is automatic and takes only a few seconds. In the meantime, avoid using your computer so as not to interfere with the results. First, the test will measure your download speed, then the upload speed, and finally the latency. In all cases, it will show you the evolution graph of the measurement in real-time. It will also provide you with data on the maximum speed peaks and will inform you of the average speed recorded in both the upload and download measurements.

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