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Tariffs Adamo

The Nordic high-speed operator

The Nordic high-speed operator. Since its foundation, Adamo has stood out because of its connection speed. This operator was one of the first in Spain to offer downloads at breakneck speeds in rural areas of different towns. This was possible because the company had agreements with local governments.

Adamo currently offers fiber Internet plans, mobile data plans, and convergent packages that can also include a landline.

Some plans only include the fiber Internet service. In this way, those customers who only require this service do not have to spend more money than necessary. Adamo offers only two fiber optic speeds: 1000 Mb and 100 Mb. If desired, the customer can purchase this service together with a specific amount of data for the mobile or together with a landline. In either case, unlimited calls are included.

Adamo's fiber coverage covers more than 10,000 km in Spain, i.e. nearly a thousand municipalities. As for mobile services, Adamo uses the Orange network to offer 4G coverage to its customers.

The Adamo Fiberhood service allows customers to find out, via the company's website, if there is coverage in a certain part of the country. If there is no coverage, they can request it.

Adamo not only offers plans for individuals but also for freelancers, SMEs, and large companies.

The purchase of Adamo plans requires the signing of a long-term contract.

The Nordic high-speed operator

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