What is my IP
What is my IP
D-LINK, routers and much more

D-LINK, routers and much more

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D-Link is today one of the world leaders in innovative and efficient connectivity products and systems. Their field of action is so extensive that they manufacture products for homes, businesses (small, medium, and large), and demanding service providers.

For enterprises, D-Link is the only supplier able to offer unified solutions. It has extensive product ranges in areas like security and storage, switching, and IP video surveillance.

In the home products market, D-Link is one of the most popular manufacturers because of its Fiber/ADSL/Cable Routing, Wi-Fi AC, Powerline, Wi-Fi Amplifiers, 3G/4G Mobility, Storage, Connectivity, Home Automation, and Video Surveillance lines. In our online store, you will see many of these products at the best price.

D-Link, design, manufacturing and customer service

Since its inception, the Taiwanese company D-Link has grown modestly to become an innovative and dynamic global brand with more than 2,600 employees in 64 countries.

In the highly competitive IT component manufacturing industry, D-Link specializes in everything related to efficient connectivity products and systems. They take care of the entire manufacturing process of their equipment, which allows them to offer it at a fair price.

Their attentive customer service team and the high-quality design, manufacturing, and performance of their products attest that D-Link is committed to providing a comprehensive service.

They are also committed to implementing sustainable measures in all their processes. The use of materials, business operations, and other day-to-day operations are carried out conscientiously, optimizing their resources to the maximum for the protection of the environment.

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Are D-Link routers reliable?

Although its product range is wide, D-Link stands out because of its routers, which are reliable and efficient.

D-Link offers its customers (both industries and individuals) everything they need for fast and secure Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections.

Its routers support a wide range of network and security protocols, making them compatible with laptops, desktops, servers, tablets, smartphones, multimedia devices, and network components such as modems and switches.

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