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DEVOLO, an ally of smart homes

DEVOLO, an ally of smart homes

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The one thing that defines the German technology company Devolo is its commitment to bringing functional and efficient solutions to the smart grid industry.

Since its founding in 2002, Devolo has been striving to give shape to the power grid of the future. This company offers communications devices for the industrial and home sector and manufactures high-performance, digitized, and user-friendly products for smart homes.

Devolo is undoubtedly a driving force of innovation in digitization.

From the home network to the smart home

Devolo, throughout its more than 20 years of service, has specialized in the development of communications devices for private consumers and industrial applications.

It has been committed to innovation, and its product range includes home-networking solutions mainly using the existing electrical wiring for data transmission, based on Powerline Communications (PLC).

Devolo provides services to ISPs in Europe and other continents. They have been able to anticipate needs and manufacture quality products indispensable for making network connections as cost-effective and efficient as possible.

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What are Devolo's flagship products?

Devolo knows that today's users don't just want their homes to have a good network connection - they also want them to be fully automated.

All its flagship products are designed and manufactured to make immersion in the world of smart homes as easy as possible for users.

Devolo components are easy to configure and incorporate the necessary technology to connect in any combination and be controlled through an app on your smartphone or PC.

They are intuitive to use and help you quickly create customized solutions for your specific needs, allowing you to save energy, increase your comfort and improve the security of your connections.

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