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Eero will provide good Wi-Fi in every corner of your home.

Eero will provide good Wi-Fi in every corner of your home.

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Eero is an American startup that was founded in 2014, popularized for being able to create and launch to the market before any networking company, the first mesh WiFi device system in 2016.

Very few companies at the time offered a better WiFi solution to consumers.

They brought a novel and efficient home Wi-Fi system with high-speed performance, super secure in every room of your home, increasing the efficiency of your internet and reducing network congestion.

Eero is currently and since 2017 a company owned by Amazon.

With Eero, you'll have the connectivity you wish for.

Eero WiFi devices have a great reputation in the market, mainly because they work with a simple configuration, are affordable for any user, and need minimal maintenance.

These devices transmit a reliable Wi-Fi connection throughout the house much better than a traditional standalone router could, which has been a relief for millions of homes around the world where WiFi was not reaching every corner of the house, or at least not with sufficient strength and efficiency. Sounds familiar?

Eero's WiFi system, with its small and compact size, is capable of covering thousands of square meters with a strong wireless signal and supporting dozens of connected devices simultaneously. Quite a marvel.

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What is the mesh WiFi connection that Eero created?

The fundamental idea of mesh networking systems is simple: to bring WiFi to places in the home where a single Wi-Fi router cannot reach. That's why this type of connection is designed to use multiple satellite units throughout the house.

Eero offers superior Internet speeds through each satellite unit and the WiFi signal strength is much higher.

Finally, it is a pleasure to be able to say goodbye to dead spots, where WiFi does not reach, connection drops, or annoying buffering, even when the whole family is connected. What do you think?

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