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What is my IP
Engel, technology at people’s service

Engel, technology at people’s service

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Engel has been manufacturing and marketing electronic products throughout Europe for almost 50 years.

Although they mainly offer products and solutions for televisions and antennas, they also manufacture telephony and connectivity accessories, such as routers.

Engel is today a leading company in the DTT sector and one of the major manufacturers and distributors of technological products for community and individual reception of terrestrial and satellite television.

At Engel, they always strive to create technologically advanced products that offer competitive solutions to both the telecommunications professional and the end user.

Engel wants to make life easier for its users

Engel strives to provide its customers with efficient, simple, and revolutionary technology that has a style of its own. They make good use of their extensive experience in the telecommunications sector.

Its products are manufactured with the most advanced technology, making them some of the most efficient on the market in terms of making life easier for its users.

The company offers a wide range of products for telecommunications: modern versions of radios and watches with chargers and rechargeable batteries, and products for the audiovisual field (amplifiers, headphones, audio and video transmitters, televisions, remote controls, parabolic antennas, and supports for televisions and tablets).

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Apart from technology, what is important at Engel?


Engel for people is the slogan that defines the brand's identity and philosophy.

And it is no coincidence because one of Engel's obsessions is that its products are recognized for being reliable and accessible.

To make it clear: the price of Engel products is not the only thing that makes them qualified as "accessible." Their ease of use also makes them worthy of this label. It sounds simple, but sometimes when it comes to technology, it's not so simple.

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