What is my IP
What is my IP
Ivacy VPN, online freedom and security

Ivacy VPN, online freedom and security

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Ivacy is a VPN provider founded in 2006 and based in Singapore. Since its inception, it has been developing effective and technologically advanced VPN services intending to make the Internet a more secure and independent place, both for home users and for all types of businesses.

Ivacy offers solutions that not only securely unblock geo-restricted content but also enable smooth and easy browsing.

Your online freedom is guaranteed

To feel free, you have to feel safe. This is as true in life as it is in the online world. Browsing the Internet with peace of mind encourages us to venture into the unlimited exploration of the online world.

A good and modern VPN should not only provide us with peace of mind but also with privacy, which is essential in the world we live in. And if all this is offered at an affordable price, so much the better.

Ivacy VPN Plan for 1 year
119.40€ 42€ -64.82%
Ivacy VPN Plan for 5 years
597€ 80€ -86.60%

Ivacy's Split Tunneling

In 2010, Ivacy was the first VPN company to introduce a unique feature called Split Tunneling, which allows users to enjoy full control over data, separating which data to send through their ISP and which data to send through their VPN service.

Since then, they have integrated many additional features, allowing users to benefit from them on a long-term basis, always through plans suited to their different needs.

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