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Lois now also focuses on computer accessories

Lois now also focuses on computer accessories

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Lois was since the '60s a Spanish reference brand of denim jeans. Who has not had a Lois pair of jeans or remember any of their commercials?

If you are very young, maybe it won't ring a bell, but for a while, Lois was the best-selling European jeans brand in the world.

More recently and in the face of the great competition between creators and manufacturers of denim textile pieces, its brand is no longer so famous, but its creative and innovative drive is still intact.

Lois, more than just denim clothing.

To limit oneself is often not to advance or to die.

Lois understood this and created alternative production lines for fashion garments.

Following one of its key features, durability, Lois has focused on creating and manufacturing products that go beyond seasonal use, which makes them stand out in the fashion industry, which is not exactly known for extending the life cycle of products.

This is how attentive to the advancement of society and its needs beyond casual fashion garments, they wanted to enter the world of accessories for something that everyone, apart from the cell phone, seems to carry with them, the laptop.

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Do you want protection and Lois design for your laptop?

laptops, as one of the most essential consumer goods in our lives, need to be well protected. And even more so when we move from one place to another.

The Lois brand has created a whole product line of laptop bags, in different designs, materials and at affordable prices.

You will find various options in the form of backpacks, briefcases, and fantastic shoulder bags to protect and transport your laptop, and also with a practical interior and exterior compartments to carry your documents and other computer accessories.

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