What is my IP
What is my IP

NGS brings design and ergonomics to your computer accessories.

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Since 1996 the Basque company NGS has been fighting hard in the computer peripherals and consumer electronics sector, manufacturing products focused on design and quality.

In just 30 years NGS has managed to become a reference in its sector, with high-end products, innovative technology, and an attractive design, while remaining competitive.

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NGS has a department focused exclusively on the creation of the design of each device. For them (and for us, the users), meeting the expectations of the ergonomic needs of our accessories for daily use is a bonus.

A good ergonomic design could save your life, sometimes.

The entire process from creation, manufacturing, and then marketing, is efficiently controlled to offer devices that fully respond to the consumer's needs.

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What can NGS do for you?

Well, it could be surprising to see their wide variety of computer peripherals and being unable to know what to choose.

Maybe you need audio-visual accessories such as headphones, speakers, microphones, webcams... or keyboards, wireless mice, chargers, cases for your tablet or smartphone, and cases for your laptop and other devices.

Take a look. Now you go and choose...

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