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Skechers brings its casual style to backpacks for computers.

Skechers brings its casual style to backpacks for computers.

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The Skechers brand, was created in 1992 in California, and is probably best known by the name under which it was created, L.A. Gear. It was dedicated to sports and casual equipment, as well as backpacks and other practical accessories aimed at the world of sports.

Despite its transformation, Skechers is still very popular today, because in its company philosophy it tries to combine the mission of making the American Way of Life accessible to the world of footwear and other sports accessories, and to rely on effective advertising with well-known people, especially in the American market.

Headquartered in Manhattan Beach, it is currently the third largest athletic and casual footwear brand in the United States.

Skechers is inspired by a casual world.

While the first Skechers products to hit the market were utility-style boots and skate shoes, over the years the company has diversified to include other athletic and casual styles for men, women and children, as well as performance and lifestyle footwear.

That's why today, the sector of backpacks and bags for carrying laptops and other computing devices is another goldmine for most textile brands that are attentive to the evolving market and the needs of users.

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Practicality vs. design?

Truth be told, fortunately nowadays we have plenty of options to avoid having to be choosy.

Among Skechers' wide range of products, the line of backpacks and laptop bags is very varied. While staying true to their philosophy of creation and practicality, they always try to adapt styles that cover all ages and activities, using quality technical materials.

Protecting and transporting your laptop can be done with a good and innovative design and comfort. In the selection of Skechers computer backpacks, you will find options made with neutral colors and urban style, to others featuring a sporty and colorful, even flashy style.

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