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What is my IP
SPC brings technology closer to everyone

SPC brings technology closer to everyone

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The technology company SPC, has been present in the market for almost 30 years and has made it its mission, since its inception, to make available to all consumers the latest technology.

SPC has always been committed to establishing itself in the market with products featuring a Smart vision of technology.

This company is basically, rebelling against the fact that even today, quality technology is often exclusive and is based more on the status and not so much on the connection between people.

We all have the right to be connected.

SPC and accessible technology

At SPC, they have not stopped developing equipment for the consumer electronics segment so you can enjoy anytime, anywhere: They have products for listening to music as well as performing physical activity. This company focuses on tablets, True Wireless headphones, speakers, music players and also has a line of IoT products for the home.

All this, while maintaining innovative and cutting-edge technology to improve our quality of life and simplify daily tasks.

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Did you know that SPC has a smartphone product line for older people?

In this approach of bringing smart products to everyone, it is remarkable when a company not only says it but does it.

At SPC, they had good ideas to create and manufacture a range of smartphones especially for the elderly, who are often left out of this fast-moving and ever-changing technology market.

Apart from being a market sector that will not stop growing commercially speaking, it is clear that many times, having a phone at hand, adapted to their real needs, can be of vital importance in their daily lives for the elderly.

So, in SPC they have noticed that this market is perhaps little explored, and nowadays, SPC is the second best-selling brand when it comes to creating this kind of device for the elderly.

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