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Totto and the convenience of design

Totto and the convenience of design

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Totto is a leading company in the design of bags, accessories that fuse fashion and functionality. Undoubtedly, its collection of laptop backpacks is a clear example of this.

Since its creation in 1958, Totto has had a long history of success offering its customers original design products and quality items.

Since its beginnings in Colombia, its mission was to quickly develop a brand that made products focused on combating the idea that practicality in travel bags and backpacks for carrying electronic devices has to come hand in hand with excessive elegance.

The design in Totto products

Totto products are designed with diverse and simple styles. Its backpack collections range from the most classic to the most contemporary options, always looking for versatility in products that end up being high-end but affordable.

The Totto brand focuses mainly on its products for electronic devices, both to carry and protect them.

Creating and seeking that balance between design and functionality, with a fresh, casual, and dynamic brand image, is one of the premises of the company, to successfully reach markets around the world.

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Do you prefer a backpack or a briefcase for your laptop?

Totto's collections of backpacks and briefcases for laptops aim to bring a fresh approach, without losing quality, to a market that already tends to be boring, just because these products carry and protect laptops, which are mostly used for work.

Totto is committed to new and innovative products and has made the brand a pioneer in functional backpacks that fuse design and technology. This brand stands as the best way to provide unparalleled protection for your laptop without compromising your style.

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