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What is my IP
Wacom is digital creativity

Wacom is digital creativity

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Wacom, a well-known Japanese technology brand established in 1983, is dedicated to providing digital ink solutions for multiple applications and industries. It is currently the world's leading company in the market of interactive displays and tablets for creative users and works for international companies producing smartphones, tablets and digital stationery.

If you are passionate about being creative, if you are a professional who is dedicated to it, or simply because you know that creativity can always boost many aspects of business, or because you like to express your creative side on a personal level, then Wacom has a lot to offer you.

Creativity can also be digitized

Wacom technology products equip professional designers or artists from multiple disciplines. They are designed and manufactured with careful engineering, always thinking about getting the best performance and being able to achieve incredible digital results.

Even if your creativity is focused on the personal field, Wacom also take you into account, because art is always life and digital solutions today allow us to explore multiple facets, techniques and possibilities with results that are hard to imagine.

At Wacom, they understand that, and have created tools within everyone's reach so that creativity continues to have no limits.

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Do you want to bring out your creative side?

At Wacom, apart from their digital ink technology products, they also have software solutions and related services.

At the home consumer level, there are options for tablets, a variety of pen displays and mobile pen devices, as well as products optimized for digital ink, and for businesses and organizations, they have a wide range of solutions with digital signature tablets and LCD pen tablets.

If you are creative but messing around with paints and brushes is not for you, explore the digital world and the possibilities that Wacom products can give you.

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