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Woxter Consumer Electronics and Computer Products

Woxter Consumer Electronics and Computer Products

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With a successful track record of more than 18 years in the consumer electronics and computing market, the Spanish company, Woxter has been committed to offering state-of-the-art technology products, with high performance, at competitive prices.

Aware of the digital environment both for home and professional use, they strive to develop computer products that provide innovative solutions and value-added features, without skyrocketing prices.

Woxter and its 5 product lines.

Its products are divided into 5 main product lines:

  • Gadgets products line: e-books, digital slates and tablets.
  • Gaming products line: chairs, mouse pads, mice, keyboards, speakers and special microphones for online games.
  • Health products line: automatic massage guns.
  • Audio and video products line: loudspeakers and multimedia headsets.
  • PC accessories: HDD enclosures, DNIe readers, USB hubs and cooling docks.
Laptop accessories Woxter
Hubs and Switches Woxter

Does your PC need a cooling dock?

If you are passionate about online gaming or just spend all day on the computer, you know that your CPU can overheat and that can bring you long-term problems.

A good cooling base, is a device that can dissipate excessive heat and protect your computer thanks to its fans.

Woxter cooling bases are effective and silent. Its bases offer a fully ergonomic design and have several USB ports for connecting external devices.

In addition, Wortex cooler docks usually have non-slip rubber anti-scratch mounts and are compatible with most laptops on the market. So, now that you know, get one and play without limits!

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