What is my IP
What is my IP
Zyxel connects absolutely everything

Zyxel connects absolutely everything

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Founded in 1988, Zyxel is a Chinese company dedicated to the production of all kinds of electronic network devices for a wide range of connectivity systems.

At Zyxel, a good network connection is not enough, it is just the beginning. A good network connection must include fast and agile bandwidth which operates smoothly, cleanly and without incidents.

Currently, apart from solutions and devices for home and small businesses, Zyxel has customers all over the world that are Internet service providers, who use its technology to provide coverage to their customers.

Zyxel's state-of-the-art connectivity

Zyxel knows that state-of-the-art connectivity is possible. Through devices equipped with the latest in mobile and fixed technology, including 5G, GPON, FTTX, GPON, Mesh and WiFi 6, Zyxel offers products with next-generation connectivity custom-tailored for your entire home.

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Do you need to boost your home network connection?

Check out Zyxel's wide range of selected products, where you'll see all kinds of options depending on your home needs.

Zyxel, as one of the world's leading suppliers of network equipment, has switches so you can connect various network devices, routers adapted to all budgets and capabilities and wireless access points so you can distribute the network signal to the different rooms of the house you need to reach. Zyxel also offers network security software and other accessories, such as powerful firewalls.

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