What is my IP
What is my IP

Tariffs Embou

The Aragonese ISP

Embou has earned the title of the "best ISP in Aragon." Its plans meet the needs of all types of customers.

Embou's most popular plans are its Internet+landline packages and its Internet+landline+mobile packages. For Internet service, customers can choose between Embou Fiber and Embou Wimax. Embou Wimax is the best alternative to an old ADSL or expensive fiber optic. It can connect users to the network via radio waves, on frequencies from 2.5 to 5.8 GHz.

Its home phone plans include unlimited calls and free minutes. Mobile data plans, for their part, allow users to purchase between 23 GB and 80 GB of data. Some of these plans also allow data sharing. Finally, Embou's fiber plans offer 50Mb fiber and 600Mb fiber. Embou uses the MásMóvil network.

This operator also offers cell phone plans for travelers.

Currently, Embou covers all the Aragonese regions. Registration and installation are free of charge.

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