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What is my IP

Tariffs Finetwork

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Finetwork was one of the first MVNOs to give its customers the possibility of accumulating Fi Network gigabytes from month to month and share them with any other user of this independent company.

Finetwork plans are divided into convergent packages of telephony, telephony and data, fiber-optic Internet, and mobile data with fiber-optic Internet. These packages are associated with services such as:

  • Finetwork Giga Bank, which allows customers to add unused data one month to those available the following month,
  • Finetwork GigaTranfer, through which users can share the data associated with their contract,
  • And Finetwork Friends, which rewards customers who bring friends to the company with bonuses and discounts. These friends also receive a 15 € bonus for signing up for this Fi Network offer.

Finetwork operates through the Vodafone network and offers from a 100 Mb to a 600 Mb fiber-optic connection.

They also offer an intermediate 300 Mb fiber-optic connection. If you opt for the free installation of the fiber-optic connection, you will have to commit to a long-term contract. However, if you pay for the installation (45 €), you don't have to commit to this contract.

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