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Jiayu's Customer Service

Contact and telephone numbers of Jiayu


If you have any questions regarding your landline, mobile line or any other Jiayu service you have purchased, please call 963 555 091. The customer service representative will gladly help you.

If you are abroad and need to resolve an issue related to your line, call 963 555 091.

Finally, if you are not yet a Jiayu customer and need to contact this company, you can do so through the following telephone number: +34 902 949 169

Telephone Numbers of Jiayu

  • Public Telephone: 902 949 169
  • Customer Telephone: 963 555 091
  • Telephone for non-customers: +34 902 949 169

Contact Jiayu through Social Networks

Jiayu also provides answers to customers’ questions via social media.

Jiayu social media profiles in Spain are:

Facebook de Jiayu

Facebook de Jiayu

Linkedin de Jiayu

Linkedin de Jiayu

Contact websites with Jiayu

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