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Tariffs Jiayu

The low-cost operator for young people and families

Jiayu Mobile belongs to the smartphone distributor Jiayu. It was born as a value-added service for all its customers and the rest of the population in general. This operator offers low-cost plans tailored to the needs of each user. Jiayu Mobile never requires the signing of a long-term contract. 

In line with the business model of smartphone distributor Jiayu, Jiayu Mobile offers plans at very competitive prices. Its services are aimed primarily at young people and families.

The most popular plans of this operator are its cell phone plans (with minutes and data in its dual version of one line or three lines), its fiber-only plans, and the Jiayu Mobile Combi Family plan that includes fiber Internet, minutes, and data.

All Jiayu Mobile phone contracts include unlimited calls. Data is always shared when there is more than one line associated with the contract.

The 100 Mb fiber included in the different plans of the operator for this service can be transformed into 600 Mb fiber if an extra fee is paid.

Jiayu Mobile uses the Yoigo network to ensure service throughout Spain.

The low-cost operator for young people and families

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