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What is my IP

Tariffs Llamaya

Your fiber, fixed and mobile telephony operator

LlamaYa is a mobile virtual network operator that belongs to the MásMóvil group. It offers simple Internet, telephony, and mobile data plans. The brand debuted with prepaid plans and today offers combined fiber Internet and mobile data plans.

LlamaYa offers both simple 3G/4G mobile data plans and combined packages of fiber Internet (from 50 Mb to 300 Mb connections), landline, and mobile data. Its most popular plan is called LlamaYa Bono Internacional. This plan allows customers to call mobile and landline numbers in up to 30 countries without paying an additional fee.

LlamaYa promotions are common and usually offer additional gigabytes to customers who purchase certain services.

You do not need to commit to a long-term contract to purchase one of the LlamaYa Internet plans. However, there are certain conditions in these plans that make the customer pay a financial penalty in some cases.

LlamaYa operates through the Orange network. 

The LlamaYa customer service phone number for contract and prepaid 4G customers is 2376. For 3G prepaid customers, it is 22955.

Your fiber, fixed and mobile telephony operator

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