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What is my IP

Tariffs Másmovil

The favorite operator for speed lovers

If there is one thing MásMóvil is known for, it is the internet connection speed it offers its customers. All speed tests place this operator at the top of the Spanish ranking.

The most popular MásMovil plans are the combined Internet, mobile, and fixed-line packages (with the three services or only two). The operator also offers Agile TV MásMovil with the fiber and mobile plans for an additional monthly fee. In addition to all this, this operator offers different prepaid data plans.

MásMóvil Fibra and MásMóvil ADSL have their own internet network. This network is complemented by Orange's network in places where it has no presence yet.

The MásMovil Mobile service is offered through Orange and Yoigo.

The MásMóvil speed test carried out by nPerf has certified this operator's Internet connection as the fastest in Spain.

The long-term contracts with MásMóvil vary depending on the services purchased. If the customer opts for one of the free smartphones offered by the MásMóvil store, he has to sign a long-term contract, whose expiry date will also vary according to the product chosen.

The operator has a department specialized in companies called MásMovil Empresas. Likewise, it offers its customers the Yosoymas MásMóvil portal so that they can check all the data related to the services they have purchased.

The favorite operator for speed lovers

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