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Arc Search, AI-powered search engine for iOS

February 5th. 2024


The Browser Company has introduced its latest innovation to the market, Arc Search, a search engine exclusively designed for iOS devices that integrates artificial intelligence and private browsing functionalities.

Arc Search promises seamless and interruption-free navigation, free from annoying ads. Driven by artificial intelligence, this search engine offers, also, advanced features such as the ability to summarize visited web pages and provide search results more efficiently. Additionally, it stands out for its ad blockers, a reading mode that minimizes distractions, and a keyboard designed to initiate searches with just a few taps.

In addition to Arc Search, in the spring, The Browser Company will also launch its web browser ARC, based on Chromium, with the ambition to challenge the supremacy of Google Chrome.

With these releases, The Browser Company has explained that it aims not only to establish itself as a robust option in the realm of browsers and search engines but also to redefine how users interact with information on their iOS devices.

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