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What is my IP

Spanish innovation in documentary cybersecurity

June 10th. 2024


The Spanish technology company shaadow.io has developed and patented new advanced software aimed at the document security of companies, which allows detecting and locating leaks of confidential information.

Shaadow.io's technology is inspired by the "canary trap" concept, popularized by Tom Clancy in his novel "Patriot Game" (1987). This method is based on distributing multiple versions of a document with minor differences to different individuals or groups. If the information is leaked, it is possible to trace the specific version and thus identify the person responsible. This technique was notoriously used by Elon Musk in 2008 to uncover a Tesla employee who was leaking information to the press.

Thus, Shaadow.io has prepared its new system to insert non-visible and persistent information into documents, both in physical and digital formats. The company claims that its system is unique in its ability to monitor and prevent leaks of information on paper, screenshots and photographs, offering a comprehensive solution that spans both physical and digital media.

Comprehensive data protection: From email to printing

Shaadow.io's technology adds a "digital mark" to documents shared via email. This mark not only protects complete documents, but also any screen clippings or fragments of the document. Even when a photograph is taken of the screen, the hidden information remains, allowing the person responsible for a leak to be identified.

This embedded control information is also maintained after you print or scan the document again.

According to shaadow.io, the new technology developed will allow companies, in addition to preventing information leaks, to comply with data protection regulations and improve access control to sensitive information.

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