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What is my IP

Tariffs Republica Móvil

The operator that rewards you for spreading the word about its services

República Móvil stands out because of its rewards policy. This MVNO pays its customers every month if they get their friends to purchase its services.

Through the Pioneers Plan, República Móvil customers receive bonuses for each friend they refer to the company. Customers are also rewarded for each refill their friends make and for each friend of their friends who joins República Móvil. If the customer is a contract customer, the rewards are deducted from his/her bill. If he/she is a prepaid customer, his/her balance is increased. If the customer refers enough friends to pay his/her bill, the company will send him/her an electronic purse in which he/she will receive the bonuses he/she generates.

República offers fiber Internet plans, cell phone plans, and packages that include both services. Its goal is to satisfy all types of customers.

This company has a cell phone plan aimed at those who do not talk much. With this plan, the customer only has to pay for the minutes and gigabytes used.  The first 10 minutes are free, as they are included in the República Móvil promotions plan.

As for the fiber Internet service, customers can choose between two plans: Fiber Mobile Republic 100 Mb and Fiber Mobile Republic 500 Mb. In all fiber Internet plans, installation is free of charge, but we have to commit to a long-term contract. Otherwise, we have to pay 100€. In case of cancellation, we must return the router or pay €50 for it.

República Móvil uses the Orange network.

The operator that rewards you for spreading the word about its services

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