What is my IP
What is my IP

Amena's Speed Test

The Internet connection speed makes the difference between one plan and another or between one operator and another. The connection speed is measured by the megabits of data per second that our network can transport from our computer, phone, or tablet to the web to which we connect or vice versa. The easiest way to check the speed of the Fiber or ADSL connection you purchased is to run a speed test.

How do I run the Amena speed test?

If you want to check how fast your internet speed is, you can run the Amena speed test here. It will also help you check if you are getting the internet speed you are paying for.

How do I interpret the Amena speed test results?

Before running the Internet speed test, we must make sure that no programs are open on our computer. Likewise, we must make sure that there are no running processes that could distort the results. It would not be a bad idea to restart the computer just before running the test.

How fast is Amena fiber-optic Internet?

Once you start the speed test, it will connect your computer or mobile to a test server and upload and download a set of test data. How fast your internet can perform these functions will determine the upload and download speed of your connection. The test will then automatically send another data packet from your computer to the server and vice versa. The amount of time it takes for this information to make this trip will correspond to the latency of your connection. In the first case, concerning the upload and download speed, the higher the results, the faster your Internet will be, which, to be ideal, should be as similar as possible to what is offered in your Internet plan. For latency, on the other hand, the ideal is to obtain low measurements, since this means that our connection takes little time to connect to our recipient and send the data packets within the network.

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