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Tariffs Tuenti


The operator for those who expect a lot from their cell phone plans. This telecommunications company belongs to Telefónica and operates as an MVNO. It presents itself as a full-service mobile operator with a wide variety of contract and prepaid plans. 

Tuenti boasts about its 4G network Movistar coverage. This operator also prides itself on not requiring the signing of a long-term contract. It offers mainly cell phone plans.

Both its contract and prepaid plans offer three different alternatives. All these alternatives include unlimited calls and between 3GB and 14GB of monthly data. In the case of the prepaid plans, the company offers the option of auto-refill when the balance drops below a certain amount so that the user never runs out of minutes or data.

This MVNO also offers Bonoplus Tuenti bonuses to add data or minutes to the purchased plan. All contract-related formalities can be carried out conveniently through the Tuenti app.

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