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ASRock, the mother of all motherboards

ASRock, the mother of all motherboards

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ASRock is the world's leading manufacturer of computer motherboards and servers.

This company, originally established in Taiwan in the early 2000s, has, over the years, gained a foothold in the computer hardware industry by selling its products to optimize the performance of computers around the world.

What is ASRock’s specialty?

Even though they have ventured into the world of mini-desktop computers, ASRock stands out today for its motherboards for PCs, edge PCs, servers, and software.

ASRock not only manufactures products for industrial PCs. In its catalog, you will also find components for home computers.

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What can you improve with an ASRock motherboard?

ASRock products, specifically its motherboards, facilitate and improve communication between all devices connected to your PC, making it more fluid.

It's all about getting the best motherboard for the way you use your computer.

This way, you will improve the performance and increase the durability of your computer. In ASRock, you have a wide variety of options. Find the one that best suits you!

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