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Asus is another major laptop manufacturer

Asus is another major laptop manufacturer

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Asus is another manufacturer of hardware and consumer electronics products that has been a major player in the international market for many years. In its particular case, since its founding in Taiwan in 1989.

With more than 17,000 employees worldwide, Asus is the world's leading brand in motherboards and gaming accessories and peripherals, as well as one of the top three laptop manufacturers in the world. Its all-in-one laptops are a benchmark. Asus has also ventured into the smartphone market.

The importance of design at Asus

At Asus, they know that every good project starts with quality design. The idea is the basis of everything.

The Asus design team comprises about 100 designers from around the world, specialized in different disciplines. To produce quality, high-end products, each of the nine teams that make up the design staff is responsible for a specific area, such as materials development, mechanical design, and industrial design.

Without good design, no product is attractive enough to compete in the long term in this demanding market.

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What are Asus' best-selling products?

Asus is synonymous with technological innovation, as it has a world-class R&D team that is always attentive to evolving consumer needs. One of its challenges is to create AI-powered devices.

Currently, Asus has a wide variety of products on the market, especially in the home devices sector. Of these products, the best-sellers are undoubtedly its laptops, tablets, smartphones, components to improve connectivity, routers, Wi-Fi access points, switches, and adapters.

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