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Belkin, not just cables

Belkin, not just cables

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Belkin, is an American brand, created in the early '80s and based in California. Since its inception it has focused on the manufacture of useful electronic components such as cables, adapters, switches, etc.. All the necessary products to boost and improve the connectivity of different types of devices.

Belkin, it's not just cables

The truth is that the number of different products manufactured by the Belkin brand is enormous. The brand has always been focused on promoting connectivity through multi-format cables, as well as adapters and chargers of the latest generation.

Its products are mainly for cell phones, computers and peripherals for commercial, industrial and consumer use.

It is in this field where the brand has put more effort in creation, and already in 2012 they launched a sub-brand entirely dedicated to the creation of smart home products, to make life easier for the consumer.

Innovating by measuring the needs of the market, is one of their great successes.

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What else does Belkin offer me?

Whatever you want, they have it all.

Search for audio and video adapters, chargers, from Wi-Fi routers to screen protectors, and if we get more technical, network and KVM switches.

Be sure to check out their wide range of audio products, find stereo cables, smart speakers compatible with new technologies and devices, including digital audio adapters and headphones.

They did so well selling audio components that, in 2018, Belkin launched the company's first line of headphones, RockStar, for iPhone and Android devices.

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