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Hama, thousands of computer and electronic accessories

Hama, thousands of computer and electronic accessories

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The Catalan company Hama is currently one of the largest electronics companies in Europe, with an impressive figure of more than 18,000 product lines.

Hama was founded in 1969 and has become a reference company in the electronics industry due to the wide range of computer products and electronic accessories in its catalog.

Since then, they have been committed to constant innovation and production of high-end electronic and computer components. They have always been alert to the evolving needs of the market.

Hama, from electronic and computer products to household appliances

The manufacture of electronic accessories for all types of devices is Hama's core business, but not the only one. From their 5,000 square meter headquarters in Zona Franca, Barcelona, they distribute worldwide their additional product lines, which include household appliances, televisions, and radios.

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What are Hama's main products?

We promise: we are not going to highlight Hama's 18,000 product lines.

However, we think it is important for you to know that they offer a wide range of accessories for digital cameras, camcorders, mobile and landline phones, laptops, PCs, MP3s, home theaters, adapters, chargers, cables, mice, microphones, keyboards, and much more.

We stop here because, as we told you before, the list of products is almost endless...

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