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If security is the most important thing for you, Kensington understands you!

If security is the most important thing for you, Kensington understands you!

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At Kensington, they know that for many people the computer is of vital importance.

Whether you use your computer for work or simply have photos of important moments stored there, security should be one of your top priorities.

For over 35 years, this brand of computer accessories has been a world leader in computer locks and security systems. It is headquartered in California.

Kensington is a designer, marketer, and manufacturer of branded products for businesses and academic institutions. Their consumer protection lines are also popular. Their products are sold in more than 100 countries around the world.

Security with Kensington

Kensington's priority is to securely manufacture quality products.

To this end, they have a large and experienced team of engineers dedicated to the manufacture of large volumes of computer products.

All of their products undergo rigorous quality testing before they are marketed. Kensington's quality testing is among the most effective in the industry.

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¿Are Kensington products designed with security in mind?

Absolutely. At Kensington, the security of your laptop is no joke.

Kensington products and accessories are designed with security in mind. Always.

So, thanks to extensive research, design, and engineering, Kensington's lock systems and overall laptop security solutions are always in line with the performance and compatibility needs of today's professionals.

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